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We launched our first issue of the CHOICES newsletter in June 2005. 

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December 2023 Edition

Inside this issue:

It's Worth a Chance to Protect your Health 
What is Wrong with Menthol Cigarettes

Coping with Nicotine Withdrawl

 Celebrities Make Smoking Look Cool
‘Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance and Smoking’
My Personal Opinion on Smoking with COVID 19 
Art Work

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June 2023 Edition

Inside this issue:

Mindfulness for Cravings and Withdrawal
Community Voice Award   

Vaping versus Nicotine Replacement Therapies
Wellbutrin: The Smoking Inhibitor 
Smoking Causes Dental Problems 
Menthol Ban?
Creatively Inclined     

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June 2022 Edition

Inside this issue:

Smokers Wanted!

Kick the Habit-Smoking in America

Lesser Known Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke

Highlights from a New Report on Smoking and Women

Menthol Cigarettes Expected to Be Banned Soon

Inner Child Work and Addiction 

A Primer for Getting Tobacco Treatment

Creatively Inclined 


December 2022 Edition

Inside this issue:

FDA Gives Marketing Approval

Holistic Methods for Quitting Smoking

After Quitting Smoking—Take up a Hobby!

Chantix was the right CHOICE for me!

Warning Signs to be Posted

No More Menthol Cigarettes in California Per Proposition 31
Creatively Inclined 


December 2021 Edition

Inside this issue:

CHOICES Program Update
Mobile Phones Present New Ways to Quit Smoking
Somatic Therapy and Smoking
The Tar and Phlegm Jars
Smoking as a Response to Anxiety 
Stress and Smoking in Minority Communities
Directory of Quit Centers 
Quit Center Spotlight 
Creatively Inclined 

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June 2021 Edition

Inside this issue:

Can Vaping be used as Treatment?

Expungement for Cannabis Charges

Tobacco Harm Reduction

Smoking Privileges in the Navy 

FDA Proposes Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

ACT Your Way into a Better Way of Thinking

 Creatively Inclined 


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